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The Ins and Outs of Wind Turbine Repair

A Quick Overview

Wind energy has become increasingly popular and looked upon as an economically competitive and increasingly necessary alternative to traditional fossil fuels. But with any machine comes the necessity for technicians skilled and knowledgeable in wind turbine repair and servicing their working parts. Necessary services typically include emergency and unscheduled maintenance, major component changes (including gear-boxes, generators and blades), inspections for end of warranty and other issues, oil changes, and up-tower gear box repairs and parts. Additional wind turbine services can range from commissioning support to the four-stage gearbox oil flushing process using lubricants, baroscopic examinations and reports, high-speed shaft alignments, condition monitoring, instrumentation installation as well as full generator inspection, repair and service.

The following is a response from a person who lives near a wind turbine farm:

wind turbine repair

Proper Maintenance

Whether your maintenance needs are scheduled or an unscheduled wind turbine repair, your team needs to work quickly and diligently to help ensure your wind turbine farm’s reliability and competitive edge isn’t lost in downtime while repairs are made. As a provider of renewable energy, people are depending on you to power them through the day. Even having just one wine turbine down can have major consequences for your productivity and profitability. This is why it’s especially important to be adamant about planning regular scheduled maintenance for all wind turbines your company operates. When proper maintenance isn’t kept up with, emergency repairs may start to become a problem. Unexpected wind turbine repairs can be fairly expensive, too. The cranes often required to achieve these repairs are rarely cheap to rent, and they tend to be even more expensive when called upon at a moment’s notice.

Notes About the Components

Some of the components that cause the most stoppages on wind power plants are the rotor and blades, electric generator, and improper balance. While gearboxes contribute to outages less frequently, when they do, it’s bad news. Gearbox repairs can shut a wind turbine down for upwards of a week, causing a major loss of revenue for power plant owners. The most common problem associated with wind turbine gearboxes is bearing inner race axial cracks. Gearboxes are more susceptible to breakdowns when they aren’t properly lubricated. Because of long idling periods, gearboxes are only operating 30 percent of the time, and thus need adequate lubrication to keep their components moving effectively. The variability of conditions, still, gusty, and extreme weather conditions can also contribute to wear and tear on the turbines.

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Wind turbine repairs should always be handled by a team of expert, trained technicians who are adherent to safety measures and the most up to date technologies for servicing and repairing wind turbines and their components. If possible, it can also be efficient to couple repair needs with maintenance services to group together services to eliminate extra visits from technicians. The need for repairs can be reduced, also, by utilizing a condition monitoring system to collect data from sensors within the turbines. Having this data is advantageous, as noticing small differences in vibrations or fluid contamination can prevent these problems from building up and causing unexpected breakdowns of wind turbine machines.