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Finding a Job in Wind Turbine Services

As a kid, you always loved the trips through scenic rural landscapes, because you knew that somewhere along the route, you’d see them: the “big white fans” as you’d call them to your parents. You had no idea what wind turbines were back then, but you were pretty sure you wanted to work with them when you grew up. And now, as a young adult, you’re wondering, “How do I find a job doing wind turbine services?”

Wind turbines exist in rural areas throughout the United States, and throughout the world. The monstrous machines tower over valleys, deserts and oceans, powering regions with renewable energy that doesn’t rely on oil or other natural resources. They’re majestic machines, but they’re only effective if they’re well maintained. That maintenance is the job of thousands of technicians and specialists charged with making sure these turbines work year after year.

A wind turbine is a tremendous investment for a region and the company who owns them. Built to last decades, every part of them must be monitored and maintained, from the base on the ground, up through the tower all the way to the blades. The mechanical parts not visible to the public are frequently checked by providers of wind turbine services, who have to confirm that the generator is working as efficiently as it is supposed to.

So, really the question is – what part of the maintenance interests you?

Exploring Job Opportunities

If you look at any company providing wind turbine services, you’ll see that many employment opportunities exist and the job titles vary. You may choose to focus on the turbine’s cosmetic look, keeping them appearing clean and new to the public. Or, you might focus on blade management and repair. Tuneups are often necessary to keep the machines running smoothly, while other jobs focus on analyzing the energy creation of turbines and identifying when something isn’t right.

It may take you time to identify the job you want, and you’ll likely have to work at an entry-level position to learn what you’re most interested in doing for your career. If you can, talk to a wind turbine technician who has experience and can tell you what the job is like. Their guidance can help you make sure that this path is right for you. Then maybe, you can be one of the thousands of people who help those “big white fans” keep kids entertained on future drives through the country!


Gas Turbine Services 101

Gas turbines, also called combustion turbines, are driven by the expansion of hot gases produced by a burning fuel. They can be seen in jet engines, trains, ships, electrical generators and more. If you’re a power plant owner or operator, you’re no stranger to the necessity of gas turbine services. It’s essential to perform regular maintenance on your turbine system to ensure the proper functioning, efficiency and safety of your machines.

These gas turbines are powered by pressurized gas that spins the turbine as the fuel is burned. The compressor compresses the incoming air at a high pressure, then the combustion area burns the fuel and converts it into a high-pressure, high-velocity gas where the turbine extracts its energy through the shaft and spins to create energy. Whether the gas turbines in your power plant are in need of adjustments in their internal alignment, bearing repairs, vibration and balance analysis or generator, component or rotor repairs, you need a team of expert technicians available to assist you with planned, and unplanned gas turbine services and repairs.

Gas turbines should be regularly inspected for corrosion and damage. Component refurbishment can increase the lifespan and durability of the working parts of the turbine. This can be accomplished using abrasion to remove grit, then welding or brazing new materials or connections between parts. Heat treatment of the turbine and compressor parts can also help build up strength and durability. Gas turbines are exposed to high temperatures during their operation and properly executed heat treatments can prevent the steel from changing its structure and possibly failing to do its job. Laser welding is also a prominent area in gas turbine services, helping to repair sensitive alloys, high-precision repetitive repairs, and joining metal sheets or fixing a worn turbine blade.

By assessing the internal alignment of the gas turbines, experts can realign all gas turbines to their design conditions. They can also support the replacement and alignment of the compressor discharge casings. In addition, technicians should be able to perform all repairs on gas turbine generators, including field and stator rewinds, with new or existing copper. The air filtration system must also be kept clean, as its contamination can cause damage from overheating or impact the pressure that the compressor is able to achieve. The gas turbine’s filtration system should also be optimized for the surrounding environment, whether marine, desert or otherwise.

Degradation is inevitable, which is why gas turbine services are available to help repair and strengthen your turbine systems. The aerodynamic components, especially, are important to monitor for wear and tear. The engine compressor and gas-generated turbine must operate in an environment that will invariably degrade their performance, and must be given regular maintenance for protection. Corrosion is often responsible for degradation of gas turbines. It can be caused either by contaminants in the inlet air, or in the fuel. Abrasion can also damage the machinery when a rotating surface rubs against a stationary surface. Placing priority on proper repair and maintenance can cut costs on future repairs and keep your gas turbines running longer, and more efficiently.